Hainan will implement garbage sorting, what do you think of it?

"Have you really got the waste sorting rule ?"

The buzzwords among Shanghai people are likely to be popular in Hainan in the near future.

After Haikou was included in the 46 pilot waste sorting cities,the notice of Sanya city waste sorting opinion collection was also released recently.

The announcement is as follows:


Announcement of the Sanya City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau on publicly soliciting opinions on the “Guidelines for the Waste Sorting in Sanya” (draft) and the “Implementation Plan for Sanya Municipal Waste sorting” (draft).

Based on key points of the announcement, it is learned that there will be four types of  waste.

So, what are the four types of waste?


Harmful Waste: it refers to domestic waste that is directly or potentially harmful to human health or the natural environment, such as waste batteries, waste lamps, waste drugs, waste paint and their containers.

Perishable waste: usually refers to kitchen waste, as well as vegetable and melon garbage, carrion, minced meat, eggshell, internal organs of livestock ,poultry products , agricultural products, etc.

Recyclable waste: paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, plastic packaging that can be reused by itself or materials, such as newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and other clean papers. 

Other waste: including brick, muck, toilet waste paper, porcelain chips, etc. Sanitary landfill can effectively reduce the pollution of groundwater, surface water, soil and air. In today's society, there is no efficient way to effectively solve these kind of garbage, so it needs to be generated as little as possible.

Garbage sorting is closely related to you, so why does it matter? 

In many countries, waste sorting has been practicing for many years, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Australia, etc. Foreigners in Hainan and Hainan's returnees are very interested in this topic. Let's hear what they say.

Foreigners in Hainan: 

Marian from Baltimore, MD, USA

Each municipality has different ways of doing things. My hometown has single stream with a machine at the dump automatically sorting recyclables and unrecyclables.

I like the current wet garbage and dry garbage sorting in Hainan, since it's getting people to actually sort unlike previous attempts which had everyone throwing garbage and recyclables together.

Max from Belarus

I think it's a good chance for Hainan to become even more ecological-friendly. But it's very important to explain clearly to Hainanese and foreigners alike all rules about the sorting.

Randy from USA

Of course I think it is wonderful.  Garbage sorting and recycling will help keep this beautiful island pristine. If garbage is sorted and recycled it means that the recycled material can be used again.... reducing the need to manufacture more materials that will wind up in the garbage.

Returnees in Hainan:



A returnee from the UK

Each of us is a garbage manufacturer. In order to reduce the occupation of land resources and reduce environmental pollution, we have summarized the experience of waste treatment in foreign countries and the practice in the field of garbage disposal for many years. There must be more than two sorted bins in front of the house I rented in the UK, one is recyclable garbage, one is food residue, others are like discarded branches, glass recycling, etc. If you throw it wrong, you will be fined.


A returnee from Australia

I rent a house in Sydney before,there are usually three sorts of trash cans, which are yellow-covered recyclable trash cans, red-covered domestic trash cans and green-covered kitchen waste or branch trash cans. The trach cans are collected weekly, if you dump the trash into the wrong one, you will be fined. 

Once the waste sorting is officially implemented, the greetings of Sanya and Haikou people are likely turned to be: Have you sorted your garbage today?

Responsible editor: 刘娉
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